Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fall Fun

I thought I would finally update our blog...the question is where to begin??

I took the kids outside for a little photo shoot, luckily for us there is plenty of "props" right around our house.

This picture is from a few months ago at my family's cabin in Parks. Clayton didn't understand why I didn't want to use it as a family picture...I let him know it was because of the UGLY mustache covering his face!!!! glad it's gone!

And finally I will end with Halloween. Bria wanted to be Calamity Jane and Wyatt was wild Bill. Since most people didn't know these characters, they were pretty much a cowboy and a cowgirl...cute ones!

Hopefully I will post some more before Christmas....can't make any promises!


Carroll Family said...

Yeah!!!!!!!! Really cute pictures!!!

Amanda B. said...

Clayton grows a pretty mean mustache! Love the Halloween costumes and your adorable kids!

dustin and amy said...

Your kiddos were so cute on Halloween! Loved seeing the new pictures!

jon♥kara said...

Wow that's quite the stash. Adorable costumes and pictures. What are those character from?


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