Sunday, February 22, 2009

2 weeks in New Zealand!!!

For those of you that didn't know, my family and I went to New Zealand to pick up my brother from his mission, we have been planning this for a year...I can't believe it is already over!! We had the funnest time ever....It was a hard time picking the right pictures...sorry if they all start looking the we go.....!
This actually isn't New Zealand, we had a 6 hour lay over in Fiji so we went to the was beautiful but seriously HOT.

We went Jet boating in a place called Taupo, the breeze was pretty cold but believe it or not, the water was really warm due to some hot springs.
we happened on this place while we were driving, it's like a glorified Alpine was so neat!!
This is Katie(my sister) and I  on our way to go get Thomas...we were so excited!!
Thomas and Clayton...aren't they so cute.....
One of my favorite parts of the trip was going to a town called Tauranga and hiking the mountain...It was one of the few times we were in the sun believe it or not...It rains quite a bit there.

This is Clayton signing his life away before he did a 180 foot bungy jump..I chose to pass on that...
The boys before they took the big fear...right!
This is after we took the ferry and got to the South Island...which was a lot cooler than the north...I guess its really close to Antartica..who knew?
Katie, my Mom, and I before we did some go-carting..
The last big thing we did was go to the Antartic center and see how they do things, we took the huge truck up some fun hills and into water...that was the only thing fun about it..the rest was about penguins..and cold weather...I am not really into either one!!

It really was the trip of a lifetime...we had so much fun, but I have to say...seeing my kids again was the funnest part..we missed them like crazy, it might be a long while before we have a trip like that again!!!!


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