Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The better half of the Evans

Wyatt Clayton Evans
We were blessed with Wyatt on March 20, 2008. We didn't find out what we were having so we were shocked and so excited to get a little boy. Clayton and I were positive that it was a girl but happy to be wrong!

We blessed Wyatt on my birthday last week. It was so fun to have all the family together and the best birthday gift . It was also special to get a 4th generation picture with Clayton's dad and grandpa.

Bria Elaine Evans
Bria is very hard to describe...actually this picture says it all! She is in one of my old slips that I wore under my dresses as a kid ( she has this on almost all the time) and when she discovered my light switch in my bathroom was broken, she quickly ran and got her tool box and decided to fix it. She is a princess with a set of tools!! Bria just turned 3 in February and is excited to be a big sister. She actually is very helpful...most of the time. But most of all she makes everyone around her smile. If there is a word that describes her best..it would be addicting, you can never get enough of her!!

Well I hope this is a good start. I still have some figuring out as I go, It actually took me way too long to do this much, so before I mess it all up I am going to sign off for now!!

Meet the Evans Family

I finally decided to create a blog....I wasn't sure where to begin so I thought I would begin by introducing the family as we are right now....


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