Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter fun and more...!

I couldn't get Wyatt to look straight at me for his Easter picture so this is the best I got...

I also had a hard time getting both the kids to look at me...I should have never waited until after church to take them!!

This picture of Bria wasn't in good focus but I love it because it captures her in the moment of finding the egg!!

Bria has had this rain coat and rain boots for so long, waiting for the perfect moment to bust them out...Saturday it finally came...

Lately Wyatt has been trying to sleep with Bria..he gets up on her pillow and sticks his thumb in his mouth, signaling us to put him to bed, he loves Bria!!

I forgot to mention that Bria loves to ride her training wheels and all...she has been doing this since around Christmas...She is so much fun!!


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