Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Summer Vacation 2008 part 2

 Since Farmington is quite a drive, we decided to camp half way there.This first picture is on day one....I bet you all didn't know that Bria is a ninja!!
Bria and Dad before they head on out to go fishing.. Bria caught 2 snakes before they came back...yikes!!
The one picture I get with my kids and they both aren't looking at the camera!! We spent Sunday after church at the Salt Lake Temple. It was such a fun time showing Bria the Angel on top of the Temple.
The two cutest boys alive!

I think Wyatt is a bit nervous here next to the water..or may be that was just me!


Tassi Smith said...

What a fun vacation. Your family is so cute. I can't wait to see you. I tagged you so got to my blog for the questions. Love ya.

Tassi Smith said...

You are not a dork. Just copy and paste the questions from my blog and create a new post on your blog. Than fill in your answers.

Beth and Jared said...

Fun times! LOve the look of your blog! It looks great!

Whit said...

Your Vacation looked like a load of fun. Both your kids are beautiful...

Hope you are well!

Whitney Brinton (Clegg)


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